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Elixir Trade is a perfume importer company with the intention of serving both domestic and international clientele. We import a wide range of high-quality Eau De Parfums and Perfume Oil to eventually meet the preferences and wants of its thronging customer base.

The company is geared to national distribution of Orientica Perfumes and Rich & Ruitz as a sole country distributor in Bangladesh.
Rich & Ruitz originates from France and perfumes of Orientica is their sister concern, which is manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Orientica exports more than 40 countries globally through its distribution channel.

The power of fragrance is amazing. It evokes feelings, desires, recollections, and comfort that bring about mental tranquility. Such is the effect of perfume, which calms the mind and encourages adherence to culture.


history of elixir trade

We are Elixir Trade, comprising three visionary business partners who like to think out of the box & establish a new horizon in the fragrance industry of Bangladesh.

Throughout our expedition all across the globe while doing business with international partners we were seeking to create a signature label that would appease the people of Bangladesh.

Our business venture expands from Singapore, Malaysia & UAE where we are actively engaged with merchandising.

When we finally established Dubai as our business ground, we noticed that the perfume industry in Dubai is phenomenal.

Perfumes are considered to be a high-end consumery. While we were in Dubai we noticed people from all walks of life are wearing perfumes. It was just not confined within the aristocrats or the noblemen.

Whereas in Bangladesh it is hard to find a quality perfumery brand which offers great quality at a reasonable price.

Considering the mass demand of Bangladeshi people, we want to bring about a revolution in their fragrance industry by importing Orientica Perfumes. Elixir trade is importing premium quality perfumes from Dubai’s renowned brand Orientica, Rich & Ruitz.

As we have a strong supply chain management system with proper procurement, logistics & marketing channels – we can deduct a very economical cost at a very competitive price. We want to bring about a renaissance in the perfumery industry of Bangladesh and create our own identity of Elixir Trade in the world.


Our goal is to be acknowledged as the business that provides fragrance and scent elements that represent the distinctive qualities of each person, each location, and each experience.

We consistently learn to overcome even the most difficult obstacles because to our simplified, effective, and dependable business procedures, which leave plenty of opportunity for imagination and audacious, cutting-edge innovation.

We transform people’s desires into genuine, high-quality items through our constant relationships with the rest of the globe.

With us, working is simple. As a matter of fact, we collaborate with exceptional individuals and groups to produce exceptional results.


Our goal is to provide flavor and fragrance components that maintain the values and way of life of every man and woman on every continent

We consider flavors and smells to be fundamental components of humanity and view them as a priceless gift that Moellhausen works tirelessly to preserve, share, and innovate.


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